Introduction to Creative Learning

This week includes an introduction to the course, a discussion of the Lifelong Kindergarten approach, and an opportunity to share a childhood object

Watch & Read

Introduction to Creative Learning

In this video, Mitch Resnick introduces the core ideas of creative learning and how those ideas are inspired by the way children learn in kindergarten.

Subtitles are available in multiple languages.

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Make & Share

Here are the steps for this activity

  1. Read Seymour Papert’s essay on Gears of My Childhood
    Italiano (Italian), Português (Portuguese), Español (Spanish), 日本語 (Japanese), Türkçe (Turkish), العربية (Arabic)

  2. Think about an object from your childhood that interested and influenced you. What was special about it? How did it affect the way you think and learn?

  3. Go to the discussion forum to see other people’s objects

  4. Share a photo and short description of your childhood object

Share Your Object

Reflect & Discuss

This week we are going to reflect on the core ideas of Creative Learning by playing with the 4P’s.

We’d love to hear:

Which one among the 4P's (Projects, Passion, Peers and Play) are you particularly curious or excited about, and why?

Feel free to start new conversations and play with other ideas: for example imagining the kindergarten approach in your learning environment, or sharing a favorite quote from the week’s readings and explaining why it resonates with you.

Join the Conversation

LCL Chat

Video calls with the LCL team and the rest of the community

Session 1 - Friday 10:00-11:00 AM (Boston time)
Session 2 - Friday 04:00-05:00 PM (Boston time)

Discussion topics
What brings you to LCL? What do you think about the creative learning approach?
What resonates with you? What questions do you have?

You will receive the zoom link in the weekly email.


No WeScratch this week. We’ll start next week!

Offline Materials

You can get this week’s videos, subtitles, and readings in a single zip file for offline use.

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