This week we playfully explore the last of the four P's of creative learning: Play. We discuss different types of play, provide you opportunities for tinkering, and share strategies to promote a playful approach to learning.

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Playful Learning

In this video, Mitch Resnick discusses different types of play and shares strategies to promote a playful approach to learning.

Subtitles are available in multiple languages.

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Learn more about different types of play, tinkering, and supporting different styles of learning and playing.

Lifelong Kindergarten - Chapter 5 (excerpts)

Italiano (Italian) , Português (Portuguese) , 日本語 (Japanese) , Español (Spanish) , Türkçe (Turkish) , العربية (Arabic)

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Make & Share

This week we encourage you to take time to tinker with something:

  • Choose a material or technology to playfully experiment with
  • Describe and share a picture or video of what you were tinkering with
  • Reflect on your tinkering process

What were you tinkering with? Did you try anything new or different? What did you notice? What might you want to try next?

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Reflect & Discuss

In this week’s video and readings, Mitch uses Marina Bers’ metaphors of “playpen” and “playground” to illustrate that “not all types of play are created equal”.

What do you think? What does play look like in your practice? What are some of the design choices or facilitation strategies that you already use, or you plan to use, to promote a playground-style play?

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Conversation with Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich

Mitch, Karen, and Mike discuss the tinkering process, how people learn through tinkering, and share strategies for facilitating playful learning experiences.

Subtitles are available in multiple languages.

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The Art of Tinkering (excerpts)

Karen Wilkinson & Mike Petrich (2014)

It Looks Like Fun, But Are They Learning?

Mike Petrich, Karen Wilkinson, & Bronwyn Bevan (2013), in Design, Make, Play

Português (Portuguese) , العربية (Arabic)

Designing for Tinkerability

Mitchel Resnick & Eric Rosenbaum (2013), in Design, Make, Play

Português (Portuguese)

Edith Ackermann’s Pedagogical Perspective on Tinkering & Making

Epistemological Pluralism

Sherry Turkle & Seymour Papert (1990), Signs

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